A Unique Gift That Keeps on Giving

Impress and delight your friends,family and business associates with a unique gift that arrives month after month. Because all selections are rated 90 points and higher by impartial industry experts,you are assured that your special gift recipient will be enjoying only very high quality wine.


The Gift


Each month your gift recipient will receive-

  • 2 different bottles of 90+ rated wine from top wineries worldwide.
  • Your choice of one red and one white, or two different bottles of red.
  • Tasting notes with ratings, food pairing ideas, & fun wine factoids.

The Cost

Includes all shipping and handling:


Ongoing $45/Month (Cancel at any time)
3 Months $135
6 Months $270
12 Months $540


Risk free! Members may resign at any time. We never forget that our reputation is on the line with every sip you take. Sorry Florida residents, but we have to add 6.5% sales tax.  


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